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Taking the GMAT exam is a big step to take for the future of your career. If you’ve already taken the GMAT exam and have gotten your score, you may want to use a GMAT score calculator to help you better understand your scores. If you haven’t taken your GMAT exam yet, it’s important that you learn what you can about the GMAT and it’s scoring system.


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A GMAT score has five different parts that they base your score off of:

1. Quantitative Score- Scale Range is 0 to 60
2. Verbal Score- Scale Range is 0 to 60
3. Integrated Reasoning Score- Scale Range is 1 to 8
4. Analytical Writing Assessment Score- Scale Range is 0 to 6
5. Total Scaled Score- Scale Range is 200 to 800

The scoring for the integrated reasoning and the analytical writing assessment do not effect your overall scoring (total scaled score)

If you don’t understand your score completely once you receive it, you can use a GMAT score calculator to help you better understand what you received. GMAT score calculators will be further explained later on below.

Importance of GMAT scores:

The score of your GMAT exam are very important when it comes to getting into MBA programs. That is why most people take the GMAT exam in the first place, is start the process on getting their MBA degree to get ahead in their career. You will need to score at least a 600 on your GMAT in order to impress MBA schools. You may not get a second look if your score is any lower than a 600 so it’s important to try your hardest to get the best score possible on your GMAT exam.

GMAT Percentile Rankings-

When you receive your GMAT scores, you’ll notice that there is a percentile ranking on your scores. If you don’t understand what that is, it’s actually very simple. A percentile ranking shows the amount of GMAT tests taken in the past three years and where your scores rank throughout those tests. Your percentile ranking is given to you to help you understand your performance on the test a little better. It’s to help you understand how you did compared to many others who have taken the test as well.

 What Are the Average GMAT Scores?

These scores are always different every year but they typically stay within the realms of the same numbers.

• 96-99 percentile= 720
• 79-90 percentile= 630
• 61-75 percentile= 570
• 37-50 percentile= 500

These scores should give you a general idea of what the average scores are each year for those who take this test. This also gives you anGmat Score Calculatoridea of what you should aim towards when taking your exam as well.

Do Schools Even Use GMAT Scores for Anything?
Yes, they do. Schools will use your GMAT scores to understand how the basics of your academic knowledge. They won’t base your admission on your scores alone but your scores really have a big effect whether or not you qualify for their school. They will also look at your educational background such as your grades from other colleges you may have attended and even high school. Essays are another big thing they look at as well along with any work experience you may have had.

GMAT scores will help the school decide on whether or not you qualify for financial aid academically. A school will not accept or decline you solely based off of your GMAT scores but that doesn’t meant that they aren’t very important to the application process.

 So, What Exactly will a School Do with my GMAT scores?

A school will look at your GMAT scores to see if you will be a good student for their programs. GMAT exams are to help you and a school advisor see how you would fit into the business world through math and verbal skills. Many schools will use GMAT scores when comparing one student with another to see who is better fit for their program and that is why it’s very important to prepare for the GMAT months in advance so you can get a great score.

If you are worried that your score isn’t what a school would want to see, check what your score is using a GMAT score calculator to make sure you know what your score truly is. Once you do that and you believe that your score still isn’t the best, see what you can do to improve it and take the GMAT exam again.

Why Use a GMAT Score Calculator?

If you want to further understand your score and the different sections of your GMAT test, a GMAT score calculator can help you do so. You can insert different scores of your test to help you calculate the total score of your test.

For example:

You got a 40 on the math portion of your GMAT and you got a 50 on the verbal portion of your test and you want to know what the total score of your GMAT is. You use a GMAT score calculator and it will add these two scores together to give you your total (200-800) score. In this case, a GMAT score calculator give you a score of 720.

Where to Find the Best GMAT Score Calculator?

There are a number of online GMAT score calculators you can use. One of the easiest ones can be found at You simply put in your scores and it will calculate it for you with no problem at all and you it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Another great and more elaborate GMAT score calculator that you can find online can be found at This calculator will not only help you understand your score, it will also help you understand your GPA and more.

Using a GMAT Score Calculator for Practice Tests

Another great thing about a GMAT score calculator is when you are preparing for your GMAT exam, you should be taking plenty of practice tests to help you get the best score possible. Once you take a practice test, you can just put your scores into the GMAT score calculator so you can see what you would be getting if you took the actual exam. Keep track of these scores so you can know if you are improving with your practice or you if they are dropping as you continue to take the practice test.

Why a GMAT Score Calculator is Important

GMAT score calculator will help you understand your score even better. You want to know your score completely and not guess what it might be by seeing your math and verbal score. It’s added in a complex way that only a GMAT score calculator can do for you without having someone with you who can professionally give you your score based off of those two numbers alone. Even if you know what your score is, you should still put into a GMAT score calculator just to be safe and just so you can see the number for yourself.